Why a Batwoman mask is still the perfect choice for any halloween party!

Messy, haphazard costumes and sad DIY attempts are not your cup of tea, and you thrive off of the details that make a costume come to life. You plan your costumes in advance. You pick out the perfect accessories to accompany your outfit.

Basically, you are our favorite kind of person, and please, do not ever change! If you are rocking a bold and powerful Batgirl or Batwoman costume this year (excellent choice by the way) we can make sure your outfit has that special effect that can make your guests and friends say “Gee willikers!” when they see you.

Batwoman Mask

When you need a costume that speaks to your attractiveness and inner strength as a woman, you can do no better than the Batwoman! Here are four reasons why a Batwoman mask is the perfect costume to wear to any Halloween party, Comic-Con festival, or comic-book themed event you’re heading to this year!

1.Visually appealing! Is there ever a time when black isn’t sexy? The Batwoman character is a counterpart to one of the more attractive and mysterious characters in pop culture, and the Batwoman mask is a gorgeous display of sleek black mystery to allure and attract those around you.

2.Easy and fun! It’s not a complicated costume at all, either as a solo item for fun or ironic use, as the final piece to your cosplay masterpiece, or all on its own, for the more, intimate, roleplay for that special someone.

3.Affordable on any budget! Just in case you want to make an entrance, without breaking your budget, the Batwoman mask comes in affordable plastic versions that cost less than $10, in leather that lasts and fits comfortably on your face, and in soft felt, which costs a bit more, but is very comfortable. You can even make your own with the right materials and tools.

4.Why a Batwoman mask is still the perfect choice for any halloween party!

Socially / politically significant! It is no surprise, as a new wave of feminism and gender equality awareness sweeps across our country, that inspirational figures for girls and women of all ages are coming to the forefront of media and popular culture. Batman, one of the most famous comic book characters of all time, has served as an inspiration for male artists in nearly every medium of art and literature, so it is no surprise that his female counterparts, Batwoman, has the same significance in the imagination of girls and women of all ages. After all, boys are not the only ones who read, or write comic books!

Bat Accessories

If you are looking for additions to your Batwoman mask, there are plenty of additions and accessories to go along with your costume!

Batgirl Pendant Necklace
Batgirl Bustier
Batgirl Corset
Batgirl Gauntlets
Batgirl Crop Top
Batgirl Cape Dress
Batgirl Cape
Batgirl Belt

A Brief History

Batwoman was created for the iconic comic book character Batman, by writer Edmond Hamilton and artist Sheldon Moldoff in order to expand Batman’s cast of supporting characters in the DC Comics universe. The character began appearing in DC Comics stories beginning with Detective Comics #233 in 1956, as a potential love interest of Batman, but in 1964 DC Comics received a new editor-in-chief and all non-essential characters were removed from publication, including Batwoman.

After a years-long hiatus, Batwoman was reintroduced to DC Comics continuity in 2006 during a limited series run. The modern Batwoman is of Jewish descent and a lesbian, in an effort by DC editorial staff to diversify its comics and better connect to a 21st century audience. Ever since her reintroduction, Batwoman’s popularity has burgeoned with the character being described as the highest-profile gay female superhero.

The character has become so popular in fact that from 2009 to 2010 Batwoman replaced Batman as the lead in Detective Comics, and has since starred in her own monthly comic book as part of the company’s character-wide relaunch.

Final words

Wearing a batwoman mask is always a fun a great idea at any halloween party! If you’re looking for high-quality and cure batwoman masks that can impress anyone, you can check our collection here: https://www.kidssuperherocapes.com/tag/batwoman-mask/