Top 10 Girl’s Superhero Capes

If you’re all packed up with imagination, props and you’re ready to turn into your favorite superhero, all you need next is a cape. For our very special girls, capes come in different designs ranging from Wonder Woman, Spidergirl and all the way to Disney princesses.

Below you can find the top 10 girl’s superhero capes that will guarantee the best possible transformation into a superhero!

1. Wonder Woman Cape

For all Wonder Woman fans, this cape is the perfect gift idea. For any girl aspiring to be as strong and inspiring as Wonder Woman, the cape represents the Wonder Woman logo in gold on a beautiful red background. The inside of the cape is in blue, which makes the design stay true to the original Wonder Woman color combination.

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2. Batgirl

Who said only boys can wear capes? From all of the girl’s superhero capes, this one definitely stands out. For a great Batgirl disguise, this cape comes in the black and pink color combination. Did you know that Batman’s cape serves to protect him from gunfire and flames? With a little imagination, this cape can also turn into any girl’s protection cape.

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3. Supergirl

Supergirl has the same superpowers as her cousin, Superman. This cape is designed to suit any girl who loves pink. It comes in a beautiful light pink shade, with the logo and the inner part of the cape in silver. This Supergirl also comes with a pink mask to go with the whole costume. A perfect gift for the Supergirl fans who love to dress up.

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Superheroes don’t necessarily have to wear masks. The Disney princesses can also be a girl’s superhero. This awesome cape features our two most favorite Disney sisters, Elsa and Anna. With their most iconic photo, the cape comes in a beautiful magenta-pink cape with the inner part in lilac. This cape is the ideal present for all of the little girls who love Frozen.

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5. Cinderella

Like we said, Disney princesses can indeed be considered as superheroes. Different from the usual girl’s superhero capes, this one is perfect for all Cinderella fans. A stunning picture of Cinderella on a light pink cape makes this cape a great addition to dressing up games.

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6. Spidergirl

Some of us can consider Spiderman to be one of the best original superheroes. For all the girls who love Spidey, this Spidergirl cape comes with an awesome mask to complete the look. It’s a great gift for birthdays, dress-up parties or Halloween.

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7. The Hulk

The Hulk has fans from different ages and from both genders. This girl’s cape comes in green to suit the color of the Hulk. It features the hand of the Hulk to represent strength, and the inside of the cape is in a beautiful shade of purple. For all of the Hulk fans, this cape will definitely be an eye-catcher.

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8. Purple Princess

For all of the little princesses who love the color purple, this cape is made exactly for you. It comes with a purple crown printed on the cape and a purple mask to match the outfit. This cape represents the girls who love princesses that don’t have a specific Disney name. Anyone can be a princess in this cape.

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9. My Little Pony

The My Little Pony ponies may not be all badass like Batgirl or Wonder Woman, but they can definitely be someone’s hero. Each of the capes has one of the My Little Pony ponies on a blue background. The inner parts of the cape come in different colors to suit a distinct pony. An awesome dress up prop for any My Little Pony lover.

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10. Ariel

Don’t we all love mermaids? Our favorite mermaid Ariel comes in a beautiful red-pink cape. Like we said many times, who says mermaids can’t be superheroes? All you need is this Ariel cape, the mask, and a little imagination.

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All children love to use their imagination to drift into a whole other world. Whether it’s a birthday, costume party, Halloween or any other occasion, all kids love to dress up as their favorite characters. But capes aren’t only for boys. Girls can dress up in any cape they please. The above-mentioned girl’s superhero capes are just some of the best ones. So if you have an event coming up or you simply want to get your little superheroes the right outfit, check out the other capes on