Hosting a superhero party for your girl? Here are 6 girl’s superhero cape and mask sets for the perfect party.

No superhero party is complete without the superhero(s), and certainly, no superhero is complete without a mask or cape. The best heroes in most cases have both. Make your girl’s superhero party complete. Get a cape and a mask for your girl at Its got capes themed after every popular hero there is, and below is just a few of what you could get.

1. Supergirl capes.

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Everyone at one time or another wishes to be super. Grant your girls wish with a Supergirl cape for her superhero party and get to be her real-life Superman. You could even order a few for her friends too, and give your Supergirl her sidekicks. Bulk purchases are also available so you could make the whole party a Supergirl themed one. Either way, remember it is all about your girl. Get her the best, and nothing but the best. Here is a good one to select They also come in other colors like blue, pink and of course red. Visit to see more capes and masks to choose from.

2. Batman capes.

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Is your girl one of the few girls who absolutely love black? Is it her best color? Then which better cape can she have than one themed after the Dark Knight himself, especially if its handed to her by her knight in shining armor. If she loves black, and she loves superheroes, then she definitely is gonna love this Batman cape. But whats a Batwoman without her Robin? Get a Robin cape along with this and give her the complete bat family treatment. You could even be her Robin! Here is a good sample of the Bat(wo)man cape and here is a sample of the Robin themed one

3. PJ mask custom capes.

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If there is one superhero cape any girl is most likely going to love, its the PJ mask custom cape. Children of varying ages all over the world absolutely love these little heroes, and your girl is probably no different. Get any one of the three capes of the PJ mask heroes for your girl, or even all three. If your girl has a duo of friends, thats even better. Get all three capes for your girl and her friends and have the super trio ready. You can get the capes at

4. Captain America capes.

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Now who doesnt like the super soldier and first avenger? The captain has to be one of Marvels most loved heroes. Thats if he isnt the most loved in fact. Both males and females absolutely love Captain America, and getting a cape with his logo on it would get her so happy. Especially if she is a big fan, which most girls are, because, lets face it; who wouldnt love the chivalrous super soldier. Get the perfect cape here

5. Spiderman capes.

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Everybody loves Spiderman. Whether its a boy or a girl, an adult or a child, it doesnt matter. You cant help but love him. And whats there not to love? Know any other hero with such acute senses, they can sense trouble even before it occurs? And without using magic too! Get your girl this cape for her superhero party and have her feeling like spidey. On top of the world. Get her this and be her real-life superhero. Heres a Spiderman cape you can pick

6. WonderWoman capes.

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If there is any superhero EVERY girl loves, its Wonderwoman. Being a strong, independent woman, she is every girls fantasy. And who could ever turn down the chance to live their fantasies? Help your girl live her dreams with this cape, and let her steal the entire show (well its not stealing when its yours to start with, but you get the point.) Get her the Wonderwoman cape today, crown and all and make her day and party special. Here is a good wonderwoman custom to choose from

You could also get other types of capes at Bulk purchases are also available. They also come in toddler, teenager and adult sizes. Delivery takes between 3-5 days.

Be your girls real-life hero. Get her a cape!