9 tips for hosting the perfect superhero party for your children and their friends!

Superhero Parties are a great way for children to enjoy their favorite sci-fi and fantasy program with your friends. They are growing in popularity with every big budget superhero blockbuster that is released.

In fact, here are a few suggestions on how to host your own superhero party, and let your children spend an awesome time with their friends!

1- You are cordially invited!

Yes, it may seem a bit, elementary school birthday party, but depending on your guest list, literal invites, either physical or digital, can be fun to send and receive!

2- Get ready for your guests!

Make sure that you prep your home inside and out. Clear your walkway and sidewalk to avoid your guests getting injured in their comings or goings from your superhero party. Inside, take care to clear any clutter in your living room, and make sure to have clear pathways to the bathroom and the snack table.

3- Be a good neighbor!

Show consideration for your neighbors by informing them of your plans and the potential noise they may overhear for the next few hours or so. Especially if you live in a condo or apartment complex, as sound tends to travel through the walls and floor.

4- Examine the equipment!

The last thing you want happening on the night of the party is to start the movie or show, and get an “error” sign! Double check your router if you plan on streaming, and make sure you have a Plan B if you your children and their friends are watching cable.

5- Looking good chums!

You just gotta look the part for a superhero party! Whether you want to go all out with cosplay, or take the subtle route and rock the superhero themed tee shirt or makeup, the right party look can take everything up to the next level.

6- Feel that breeze!

If you own or rent a home, and you’ve kept up the backyard, or you have a nice addition, like a pool or hot tub, don’t be afraid to move the superhero party outside. Rent a projector, grab some blankets, pillows, and lawn chairs, and you’ve got a superhero party under the stars.

7- Get comfortable!

You want to make sure that everyone can sit and relax while they watch. The last thing you want is someone standing on the wall, or trying to pretend that they are okay on the floor.

8- Scooch down a little please!

Just because everyone has a seat doesn’t mean everyone has a view. Even if it means moving the television, or renting a projector system, make sure that everyone watching can, you know, watch!

9- Remember that snack table we mentioned earlier?

Set out a spread that will keep your guests nibbling and munching, and keep them from talking through the entertainment! Here are some suggestions:  

—Never underestimate the classics! Popcorn and candy are the timeless snacks for entertainment viewing.

—Snack platter! Deli meats, fried or smoked fish pieces, good cheeses, olives, all great options and all tasty sides to sate the appetites of your guests.

—Save the earth! Just because it’s entertainment, doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy! Even though most of the children hate fruit bowls and other vegan options, they are perfect for their health and keep things light on their stomach.

Final thoughts:

If done correctly, a superhero party can be a wonderful experience for kids. Make sure to always remain by the side of your kids and their guests the whole time. Your presence is a must for their safety, and will help prevent any issues from happening.