8 Cute Animal Masks for Your Next Costume party

o you have a Halloween party coming up soon? Do you want to dress up as your favorite animal for fun? Then besides having an awesome costume, you also need a mask to complete the look. Kidssuperherocapes.com offers awesome animal masks for a great price. From wolf masks all the way to owl and fox masks, below we have summed up 8 of the best animal masks on the market.


1. Wolf mask

The first item on the list is the Wolf mask. This mask comes in two colors: gray and orange. Even though both of these masks have different designs, they serve the same purpose. These wolf masks are a great prop for costume parties, theatrical plays, for education purposes or simply dress up activities. They are made up great quality felt so they won’t be irritating to keep on.

To check out the gray mask, click here. If you’d like to see the orange wolf mask click here.


2. Bear mask

For all of the kids out there who love bears, this mask is perfect for you. It comes in three awesome color combinations. The first one is the plain brown bear face with the inner ears and snout are in white. The second color combination comes is a red face with orange inner ears and snout. The nose on this mask is also in light blue. And the third type of mask is in a purple color, whereas the ears and snout are in red.

To check out these awesome animal masks, click here.


3. Cat mask

Do you have a costume party coming up soon? Or how about a school play and you need dress up as a cat? All you need is an awesome mask to complete the whole outfit. Kidssuperherocapes.com offers great cat masks that are made up of great material and are very durable. The masks come in a beautiful navy felt color and will guarantee satisfaction. They will make any cat costume look better.

Click here to check out the cat mask.


4. Raccoon mask

Whoever said that raccoons won’t make great costumes? All you need is a suitable mask and you’re good to go. You can also use the mask for education purposes. It will help with teaching children about raccoons or animals in general. Did you know that raccoons can make up to 51 different noises? This raccoon mask comes in brown and has the white eye patches to resemble a real raccoon.

To check out this mask, click here.


5. Lion mask

For all the fearsome warriors out there, this Lion mask is the right armor for you. To complete any lion look, a right mask will be the finishing touch of the costume. This Lion mask comes in a beautiful brown color and even has the mane to resemble a lion as closely as possible. Made with quality felt, this mask will suit any occasion. Whether it’s a play, a Halloween party or any other dress-up related event, this mask will be a perfect fit for you if you plan on dressing up as a lion.

Click here to check out this lion mask.


6. Catwoman mask

Similar to the cat mask we discussed before, Kidssuperherocapes.com offers a Catwoman animal masks for all Catwoman fans. The mask comes in a black color and is beautifully cut to resemble the “cat eyes”. Catwoman has been a favorite superhero for quite some time now, and everyone loves dressing up as her for Halloween parties. For all the children who would want to dress up as Catwoman, this mask should definitely be part of your outfit.

To check out the Catwoman mask, click here.


7. Fox mask

Animal masks can be used for a wide variety of activities.  Children enjoy wearing masks since they can transform themselves into anything that they could think of. With this fox mask, you can turn into the wild fox we see running around. Since the red fox is the most common fox you can find, this fox mask comes in a color that resembles this type of fox.

Click here to check out the fox mask.


8. Owl mask

And last but not least, we can’t forget one of our favorite woodland animals, the almighty owl. This owl mask comes in a beautiful red color. It also features yellow eye patches and a blue beak. This mask is perfect for costume parties, Halloween, school plays or even for educational purposes. If you are a teacher and are going to teach about any woodland animals, especially an owl, it’s always fun to have the children dress up as the animals they are learning about.

If you’d like to check out the owl mask, click here.


Final Words

Whichever animal you decide to dress up as, animal masks will be the finishing touch to looking and feeling awesome. All of the masks are made up of premium quality felt with durable elastic.  Kidssuperherocapes.com offers their animal masks in one size which will fit most ages which include all children and most adults. So get your mask now to complete your animal costume!