7 Cheapest Cape And Mask Sets: Offer Each Guest at Your Superhero Party a Cape and Mask at a Low Price

Kids love dressing up as superheroes and a cape and mask are key to the disguise. These capes give them the opportunity to dress like one of their favorite superheroes for a few hours. Cut and sewn by hand in the USA, these capes have being made for premium quality. An overlook stitch is used to ensure a better edge and longer lasting cape more than the straight stitch technique offered by other companies. The fun thing about kids cape is that they make great gift ideas for birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween parties, dress up parties, or any other fun party for kids. Make your child happy with turning him/her and their friends into real life superheroes. Browse through to find some of the cheapest solid cape and mask sets for your kids this holiday season.




Transformer Cape and mask, Transformer Costume, Optimus Prime Transformer, Transformer Birthday

This superhero costume is the perfect accessory for any budding superhero. Made with polyester satin, it’s simple in its design, light-weight and very comfortable. This cape is ideal for a kid that loves the transformers movie. Allow your kid tap into his imaginative superpower.




Party Pack 25 Children's Solid Cape, children's capes, Satin Cape, super hero party favor

Looking for party favors? Gifts for a family reunion? A plain cape for your little superheroes sidekick friends that come over? Look no further! Check out these classic children’s solid cape. These capes are made of premium satin, handmade and are of the same high quality you have come to know with emblem capes.




1 Solid Cape and Mask, Handmade Capes, Mask Making Kids

Solid color superhero cape and mask is a great way to make your own superhero costume. It’s great for superhero themed birthday parties, comic lovers and or Halloween. It includes one solid color cape with Velcro at neck closure. Available in Red, black, blue, yellow, pink, green, white, orange, purple among other colors.




Party Pack 15 Bulk Adult Capes. Adult Capes in Bulk. Capes for Adults. Superhero Capes for Adults

Playing dress up is not only for kids, adults can play dress up too. Keep your secret identity safe with this satin cape and mask set for adults. Perfect for a costume party or for Halloween. Asides that they are great party favors or ideal for promotional items. Men capes or women capes, you’re sure to be the hero of your party with these superhero capes for men and women. Shaped with an authentic superhero look and fell to turn your group into real life superheroes.




Party Pack 20 Blank Reversible Satin superhero capes, cape party favors, Birthday present for Children

Made with quality washable satin this reversible superhero cape comes with a lot of fun for your kids. The cape is reversible and it’s held together at the neck with Velcro that is easy for little fingers to put on and take off. The cape is available in a range of colors perfect for Halloween dress ups and every other day superhero adventures. It is recommended that you hand wash in cold water.




Set of 8 Adult Capes Bulk, party favor adult, Batman, Ironman, Wonder women, Superman, Transformer and more

Personalized superhero capes make great gifts for any superhero. These capes are personalized so anyone can be a real superhero. Personalize capes with any initial or make a custom cape based on a favorite superhero. Either way, you’re bound to have tons of fun creating a unique superhero cape. We have a wide selection of colors for you to choose from. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be free to fight crime and save the day.




Party Pack 30 Super Hero Cape and mask, Personalized Cape, Boys and girls Cape, Birthday Gift, Kid Cape, Kids Gift

This cape and mask set is perfect for your little superhero or princess. It’s an easy Halloween costume or a fun dress up party. It has a Velcro close at the neck and a double layered satin material. These capes are sure to get the attention of everyone at the party and the easy sewing pattern is versatile enough to accommodate a whole parade of Halloween characters. Above all, they make a great gift idea for party guests.


All capes mentioned above are made of high-quality satin and all double-sided, vibrant 2-color reversible solid two colored satin cape. They have a Velcro closure at the neck for added quick release security and ease of use. When ordering, remember to include capes color combinations or number from the color list found on the website or randomly mix in the “More Requirement section during checkout. If you choose solid cape and mask set, mask color will match cape top color.


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