6 Awesome superhero gifts to offer your boy!

Looking for the perfect gift for your superhero-loving son or nephew? Worry not! We’ve got a full range of splendid presents that will fill your kids with awe. Our capes are made with a satin material, and each cape is double sided/reversible with five sizes for all the ages.


1. Transformer Cape And Mask

Whether your boy loves Optimus Prime, or Megatron, or Ultra Magnus, we’ve got your answers for your questions. This order comes One Superhero Cape with match mask and each cape attaches around the neck with Velcro and are very easy for children to take on and off unassisted. All of our capes are made from double sided satin.

Go to https://www.kidssuperherocapes.com/transformer-cape-and-mask-transformer-costume-optimus-prime-transformer-transformer-birthday.html for more details.

2. Superman Cape And Mask Set

If you find the ideal gift too boring for your taste, this is a shout out to all DC and Marvel comic fan boys out there. Whoever says you can’t be superman in real life, you can prove them wrong! After all, who’s actually seen the real superman? Be your own superman with our set of superman cape and mask which comes in 5 different sizes. Toddler size cape measures 21.6″ in length while youth size cape measures 27.5″ in length. Adult size cape measures 35.4″ or 43.3″ or 55″ in length.

Go to https://www.kidssuperherocapes.com/superman-cape-and-mask-set-superhero-kids-clothes-superman-cosplay-superhero-cape.html for more details.

3. Set Of 10 Superman Cape And Mask

Set of 10 Superman Cape and mask, Superman Cosplay, Superman Costumes, Supermen Birthday Party Favor

Planning a party with superman geeks? We have a set of 10 superman capes and masks that will be perfect for the occasion. All you have to do is select the size of cape you would like and “Add to Cart”; Specify superhero character in the “More Requirement” section during checkout, and if you need a rush order, just message before you purchase or include need by date in the “More Requirement” section.

Go to https://www.kidssuperherocapes.com/set-of-10-superman-cape-and-mask-superman-cosplay-superman-costumes-supermen-birthday-party-favor.html to order.

4. Party Pack 3 PJ Mask, PJ Mask Birthday, Kids Mask, Halloween Costume

Party Pack 3 PJ mask, PJ mask birthday, Kids mask, Halloween costume

Call it Halloween or Hallowe’en, or All halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, come 31 October, we’re all going to celebrate this spooky festival. This posting is for PJ cover cute gifts. These covers are made with premium quality felt with sewing and sturdy versatile. One size just will fit most ages including all youngsters and generally grown-ups.

Interested? Visit https://www.kidssuperherocapes.com/party-pack-3-pj-mask-pj-mask-birthday-kids-mask-halloween-costume.html for more details.

5. TMNT Cape, TMNT Mask, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cape And Mask

TMNT Cape, TMNT mask, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Favors, Superhero cosplay, masksTMNT cape and mask

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are four anecdotal teenaged human turtles named after Italian craftsmen of the Renaissance, and boy, do we love them! Made with great silk, this is a twofold sided, dynamic 2-shading Superhero cape with a warmth exchanged logo. This has a Velcro conclusion at the neck for included snappy discharge security and usability.

The order includes  TMNT- Blue (Green top & Blue underneath) , TMNT- Red (Green top & Red underneath) , TMNT- Purple (Green top & Purple underneath) and TMNT- Orange (Green top & Orange underneath). Check out more details on https://www.kidssuperherocapes.com/tmnt-cape-tmnt-mask-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle-party-favors-superhero-cosplay-maskstmnt-cape-and-mask.html.

6. Set Of 20 Custom Cape, Kids Costume, Kids Birthday Gift, Party Favor For Kids

Set of 20 Custom Cape, kids costume, kids birthday gift, Party favor for kids

Get all your favourite superheroes in a single click! From Superman to The LITTLE Mermaid to our much-loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there’s nothing missing in this bulk order.

All capes are made with high-quality satin. Tese superhero capes are double sided and vibrant with two colors. They all include a heat transferred logo.

In addition to their great look, these awesome capes take the security and safety of your kids into consideration, as they come with a Velcro closure at the neck, making the release quicker and easier.

Visit https://www.kidssuperherocapes.com/set-of-20-custom-cape-kids-costume-kids-birthday-gift-party-favor-for-kids.html for more details.

Your orders will be shipped via USPS or FedEx, and the delivery times usually takes 10 days. If you have a rush order, your products can also be delivered within 3-5 days.


Let your boy feel like a real superhero with these awesome superhero capes for boys. If your kid is fond of another superhero that’s not included in our list, please let us know in the comment section below!