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6 best Superhero Costumes In Movies
Mon 05 June,2017

If done correctly, a superhero costume in comics provides a dynamic and dramatic art piece that engages the reader, creating that special, iconic, recognition that fans and pop culture audiences identify with. The same can be said in cinema! Superhero costumes in movies are powerful visuals; the mere sight of a well executed version can be jaw-dropping, powerful, and immediately separates the superhero movie genre from the standard summer action movie. Thankfully, most comic based movies understand the importance of the superhero costume and utilize them to great effect! In a few weeks, Wonder Woman will be appearing in theaters. A DC comics character with one of the most recognizable superhero costumes in all of comics, so here is a list of the best superhero costumes that have come be

9 tips for hosting the perfect superhero party for your children and their friends!
Fri 26 May,2017

Superhero Parties are a great way for children to enjoy their favorite sci-fi and fantasy program with your friends. They are growing in popularity with every big budget superhero blockbuster that is released. In fact, here are a few suggestions on how to host your own superhero party, and let your children spend an awesome time with their friends! 1- You are cordially invited! Yes, it may seem a bit, elementary school birthday party, but depending on your guest list, literal invites, either physical or digital, can be fun to send and receive! 2- Get ready for your guests! Make sure that you prep your home inside and out. Clear your walkway and sidewalk to avoid your guests getting injured in their comings or goings from your superhero party. Inside, take care to clear any clutter i

Why a Batwoman mask is still the perfect choice for any halloween party!
Fri 19 May,2017

Messy, haphazard costumes and sad DIY attempts are not your cup of tea, and you thrive off of the details that make a costume come to life. You plan your costumes in advance. You pick out the perfect accessories to accompany your outfit. Basically, you are our favorite kind of person, and please, do not ever change! If you are rocking a bold and powerful Batgirl or Batwoman costume this year (excellent choice by the way) we can make sure your outfit has that special effect that can make your guests and friends say "Gee willikers!" when they see you. Batwoman Mask When you need a costume that speaks to your attractiveness and inner strength as a woman, you can do no better than the Batwoman! Here are four reasons why a Batwoman mask is the perfect costume to wear to any Halloween party

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